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Friday, October 17, 2008

Equipment - Fresno Wedding Videography

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would post what equipment I use and what I use it for. I'll try not to get too technical with my explainations but here I go:

First off this is my main camera. Its the Panasonic DVX100b. This is an amazing camera, its not HD but the quality is AMAZING! They actually make movies with this little guy! It allows you shoot in different frame rates such as 60i, 30P and 24P which mimics the look of motion film cameras.

A little side note about HD. A lot of videographers advertise they shoot in HD. And thats great and I'm going to be transitioning into HD soon too. But there's one thing to keep in mind about HD: its the final product on DVD. There's only a few ways to get TRUE HD from my camera to your TV. Thats either with Blu-Ray Disc or if I give you the footage on the master tapes. The current DVD format can only handle SD or Standard Definition. So that means when I shoot in HD, then edit in HD on my computer, then export to DVD, the HD footage gets downconverted to SD. But don't let this discourage you! The quality is still AMAZING! If you have a HDTV with a DVD player that upconverts.....trust me, it will still look gorgeous!

Anyways, sorry for rambling on a bit. Here's my second camera, the Canon HV20. This is my wife's camera that she operates. This little guy shoots full 1080i HD believe it or not! But because of the lack for professional features, I still use my Panasonic as my main camera. This will be the camera that my wife uses when she gets those great shots of the bride getting ready, or the expressions on your guest's face durring those heartfelt toasts.

That's my beautiful wife Audreyann. Ok so she's not part of my equipment but she is a great assistant!!

Now after I capture your pefect day I go home, get some rest because I'm sure I'll be tired because I run all over the place the whole day, I capture my footage onto this guy, my Apple iMac.

Yes that is the whole computer! Its awesome desktop and is able to handle a lot of advance graphics and video work. I use it to do all of my editing and color work.

Final Cut Studio 2 is what I use to edit, color and a whole lot of other stuff to make your video as cinematic as possible!

And this is my favorite program that I use out of all of the ones that I use....After Effects. This is the daddy of all motion graphic and effects programs. I use this for titles or any effects done in your video. I also use it to perfect the color in your video.

And after about 3-4 works this is your final product (depending on the package).

Wow....I love doing this!


Scott Andrew said...

Awesome, very informative and I'm glad you posted your cute wife over a self shot! haha, jk. I think HD is kinda overrated anyhow, when you have a camera like the panasonic you're getting some amazing footage, HD is just kinda like garnish (fun, but not really necessary). Anyhow, you rock dude keep up the good work!

Robin said...

Great work! Could you please tell me which font that is on the DVD cover? I love it!