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Monday, January 12, 2009

Scott Andrew :: The Promos - Fresno Wedding Videography

I finally finished up the last few details for the promos for Scott Andrew. I had a blast shooting with Scott! It was pretty ironic how we met. I've been wanting to start doing promo films for wedding vendors and had been looking for a photographer who would want to give it a shot. I was on a friend's blog and saw Scotts comment on the blog and it went to his blog and I fell in love with his images! This guy is the REAL deal. I sent him an email introducing myself and commenting on how much I love his work. I didn't mention anything about doing a promo film for him. I get an email back the same day from Scott and he loved my work too and wanted to know if I was interested in doing a promo film for him! I was like "SHOOT YEAH!" After a few emails back and forth, we set up a date and I drove up to Stockton to shoot him on an E-Sesh. It was pure magic from then on out. Our creative minds melded into this uber-awesome hub of creativity! This is what came out of that first shoot:

A few weeks past and both Scott and I wanted to further this promo by doing a formal interview. This time he came down to Fresno and my wife and I were able to get some awesome marketing shoots out of it! Later that night, we found a nice spot in a parking garage and got some great interview footage. Scott is so laid back and fun that filming him was a breeze. No complications what so ever. So after the interview shoot, I took that footage, and melded it with the first shoot's footage from Stockton and out came this super hip promo:

This won't be last you see of Scott....I'm sure we'll be doing more projects together in the future!


Scott Andrew said...

Dude, it was such a blast working with you guys and I can't wait to have the video featured on my website!

Fiore Films said...

Great promo! You guys really captured the hip, organinc, and genuine, style of the photog!
Love the way you shot and edited this piece! Awesome!

Kristen Turick said...

Fantastic! This has such a fun, fresh vibe! It's promo for the photog and you!

Dave Cowling said...

Great work Tim. As Kristen said - a great vibe to this piece. Hopefully it will see a whole bunch of brides booking you and Scott!

Stephanie Riedel said...

Super cool video !!!! I met Scott when he did my friend Liz's wedding in Vacaville about a year ago.

Scott's work is cool and your videos have a great feel and look !!!!