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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow - Fresno Wedding Videography

Wow what an awesome day! It's been snowing almost everyday this week up here in Oakhurst and I have been itch'n to shoot something! The storm finally broke up Friday afternoon and gave me the perfect opportunity to get some great footage. The lighting was perfect and so were the clouds! This was a fun piece to edit, since it was different from anything else that I have done. Hope you enjoy it!


Scott Andrew said...

ridiculously sick!

Dave Cowling said...

That's a beautiful part of the world you live in Tim. Nice stuff.

Sharrone Calafiore said...

Hey Tim,
I'll bet that was fun to edit... Loved that song!
Looks cold out there but WOW...so beautiful! I'm totally diggin those cloud shots!

Meg Simone said...

LOVE the tree shots!!! I'm from NH so we dig SNOW 24-7. Please share what kick ass camera and editing did you do to make it so vibrant? Amazing work!
- meg simone
jackson, nh

StarFruit said...

That was really Cool! Loved the time lapses!

Evro Moudanidis said...

Beautiful, ethereal, I haven't seen snow since the mid 70's. Some beautiful compositional shots in there :)