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Saturday, December 12, 2009


So a few days ago I was sent on assignment to shoot some video for a promotional campaign for my station (KION 46 in Salinas, CA) I wanted to get a time lapse of the sunset, but I had to be back at the station by 5pm and it was already 3:30 when I got there. But the sun was down just enough to give off those awesome orange and pink colors and the fog was coming in to give more texture. Here's a short little film that I created with the footage I captured. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments! Enjoy!


Gina Jones said...

How pretty! Makes me miss living up in that area!

generalzod said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautitful footage! What camera are you using? I found your website after searching Google for Wedding DVD Cases. I watched Scott and Sara's wedding highlight video. Great work. Nice choice of music too. Continued success. Alfio from Toronto Canada. I'm gonna go look for the dvd case you guys use, now. Funny how the web starts you in one direction and then sends you somewhere else. Cheers.