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Thursday, September 24, 2009

So who the heck are we? | Monterey Wedding Videography

I just realized thats its been a year since Infinite Design Wedding Cinematography officially started! It all started here.

Another thing, I never really officially introduce myself and explained how we got into the wedding scene. So.............hello, my name is Tim and this is me:

And this is my beautiful assistant and wife, Audreyann:

And together, we make Infinite Design!

I've been involved with videography, cinematography and editing ever since high school. My interest in the field really sparked during my Senior year of high school when I produced the short film called "Sleepless Nights" which won the San Jauquin Valley Film Festival. Right out of high school, I interned at KFSN/ABC30 in Fresno, CA in the promotions department for about 6 months. What I learned from those few months really got me where I am today. Since then I've had a few jobs as a graphic designer. It wasn't until closer to my wedding day did I realize that wedding videography was for me. With the help of our photographer (Krystal Preciado, check her out!!) she encouraged me to get into the wedding scene and make a difference.

So, while working full time, I decided to pursue wedding cinematography under the business name, Infinite Design. With the help of my wonderful wife (who second shoots for me at all our weddings, she's AMAZING!) we have really come a long way! My wife and I recently moved to the Monterey Bay area because of my full time job. I am now a Promotions Producer for the CBS/FOX affiliate KION/KCBA. So things can get a little hairy balancing a full time job, a full time business AND being a loving and understanding husband! Because of that, I'm a little slower to offering the final product than other videographers, but I gurantee your film will be one of a kind! And if you're a prospective client and I haven't returned your phone call and/or email, I apollogize! I promise you will hear from me!

So that's Infinite Design's history so far! There are exciting things coming! More films, more promos, and *GASP* a new website and logo are in the mix too! So be patient and be prepared to be blown away!


Scott Andrew Shoemake said...

You guys are doing awesome! Here's to year #2 being insanely awesome and Tim going full time!

Kristen Turick said...

Congrats on making it to the one year mark! You guys are doing amazing work. Year two is going to rock!