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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving, Careers, and...Babies?

Sorry the blog has been so quite lately! The last 4 months have been SUPER crazy! Some of you may know that my wife and I do wedding cinematography on the side and that we both have day jobs.

In June of last year (2009) I got a new job at KION46/FOX35 in Salinas, CA and we moved to the neighboring town of Pacific Grove. I was a Promotion Producer, I created commercials for the station image (I made them look good!) and other Public Service Announcements (also called PSAs). We were only there for 6 months. Some things came up and we realized that we needed to be closer to family back in the Fresno area. I was fortunate to be hired by the number one TV station in the Valley, KFSN-TV ABC3
0. I interned there when I graduated high school and have been keeping in touch with the guys I worked with. I'm still a Promotion Producer...but my official title is Promotion Specialist. Pretty slick huh?

So while moving across California and starting a new
job, I have been working on weddings that I shot back in 2009. My backlog was starting to clear up and Au (my wife) and I were ready for things to settle down. But, we had a big surprise, one that we're super excited about!

...Our son, Jack. Less than a month after we moved back to the Fresno area, we found out we were pregnant! We kept it quite (except for family and close friends) for 3 months just to be safe and that was the hardest thing to do! A couple weeks ago we found out that we're going to be having a boy and just the other night (monday night) I felt him move for the first time! I can't describe awesome it is to feel your unborn son move inside your wife. And it was while we were reading to him! Still leaves me speechless....

It was pretty crazy, after we found out we were having a baby, a fellow wedding vendor and amazing photographer Bobby Earle (check out his blog! Awesome images and a great read!) found out that him and his wife are also having a baby! Not to mention a lot of our friends are also having baby boys at the same time as us! Must be something in the water...

This year is not slowing down one bit, with moving, a new job, a baby, and weddings coming up! Our first wedding of the year is on May 1st at the amazing Elderberry House in Oakhurst, CA. Totally looking forward to that one!

And now I'm going to try to do something new....being regular on the blog! Let's see how long this lasts....haha!

And now I'm going to leave you with a promo I created for KION in Salinas. Enjoy!

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Bobby Earle said...

We're going to be dads!!!